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Saturday, December 15, 2018


Following on from the last post the rain is still coming down even as I write this there are yellow warnings out for the wind and rain and even snow.  So its a "confined to barracks" day.

But last week there were a few clear days so we went over to Bristol in the van.  Bristol has so much history  as its  wealth as a port and city was built upon firstly by ships involved in  transporting slaves  and then sugar from the West Indies. In later years its growth was due to the tobacco industry and then the aircraft industry.

As a  this wealth there was much building with many of them still remaining.  Its has far more historic buildings than Cardiff   as Cardiff as a city only grew with the coal in the early 19 Century.

As is nearly always the case the best way to see things is to walk around.  

These photos were taken on a walk up to Clifton and across the Downs.

Clifton Observatory.

Its well worth visiting just to use the Camera Obscura  and the walk down through the tunnels to the Giants Cave and the views of the gorge.

This is the iconic Clifton Suspension bridge built by Isombard Kingdom Brunel.

My favourite memories of this bridge is from 1970 when watching the SS Great Britain being towed underneath it when she was brought back from the Falklands.

It was an emotional scene as the SS Great Britain was returning to its home berth for the very last time.

I haven't posted a picture as there are copyright issues but the link shows them.


  1. Your pictures capture the 'feel' of the scene and the weather.
    I remember watching a programme on the SS 'Great Britain,' I may still have it on video somewhere, concerning the salvage, transport and rebuild of the ship. It is a great thing for Bristol to have. I have never been there but there is a great deal to see, although my knees do not like that hill!
    Good stuff!

  2. Thanks. That's the big drawback of Bristol, it is hilly. But there's a great bus service.

  3. The black n white perfect choice for these scenes...clicking on the bigger shot it is amazing...the suspension bridge is spectacular! We have had so much rain this fall too!

    1. Sondra these were taken on my phone and as you say B&W sums up the day. When its raining on most days it makes this time of year drag.

  4. Bristol is certainly a very interesting place. My ex wife's father was from there, and my sister now lives there, although I've yet to go and visit her. But I have been many times before and always found it a very characterful place, and a city I reckon I could maybe live in (if I really had to move to a busy place that is!).

    They've done a great job of rejuvenating certain parts as well, as back in the early 80s the area around the docks was a bit scruffy for a start, now I gather it's all bars and restaurants and a great part of the city to visit.
    I must go and see my sister one day, and take a bike, as another good thing about Bristol is that shared path all the way to Bath!
    Brunel was quite the genius in so many ways wasn't he, it's hard to name his best individual work (he did get involved in a couple of duffers too mind - the atmospheric railway being one, although it was again, an incredible idea and did actually work, but also suffered major issues that saw it fail ultimately).
    You're right about Bristol having hills! The only other drawback to the place is the traffic - it was rammed in the 1990s, I hate to think what it's like nowadays.

  5. Hi Mick good to hear from you, as I haven' seen any postings from you on Flickr lately. Its always good to read your posts and I miss reading your blog too.
    Yes Bristol is a great city with lots to do and see there. The Caravan Park is right in the dock area, Baltic Wharf, but the future of the site is in doubt as its has huge development potential. Someone said that its worth about £10 mill. so I suspect it will go soon. The dock area has been developed with all sorts of attractions as well as the SS Great Britain. Cycling is well catered for with some cycle routes like narrow roads and there are routes all over Bristol. As a pedestrian you have to have your wits about you when crossing these cycle lanes, a bit like Amsterdam. I've cycled the Bristol to Bath route, its good and a long tunnel to go through as well.. You could get the train with your bike to Bristol.
    Yes Brunel was brilliant and must be one of the top people who have influenced industrial Britain.Yes Bristol is good and so handy for us and even better now that the Severn Bridge tolls have gone.
    Have a good Christmas and New Year and good cycling. All the Best.

  6. I hope that you had a good Christmas and I wish you well for 2019....
    B&W is my favourite medium for 'serious photography' at any time of year....so much more atmosphere can be captured....
    I too love the cycle route between Bristol and Bath although it is a number of years since I have ridden it....

  7. And the same to you Trevor. Yes B & W does add drama to a photograph, and we can remember when that was the only medium for amateur photographers. As I've said Bristol is a really good place to cycle around especially the Bath route.


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