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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

We can now travel...


Well,  within Wales, but it's a start.

So with some fine Spring weather forecast and temperatures forecast to hit 20 C we set off early for the  Gower coast. 

A favourite walk is from Brandy Cove to Caswell Bay and then onto Langland Bay and back to Brandy Cove.

Brandy Cove as the name suggests has connections with smuggling and the smugglers hid the contraband in the old abandoned lead mines.  The goods were mainly alcohol and illegal tobacco

The bay was also used legitimately for loading the boats with the lead ore.

In the 1960's  some potholers found a skeleton which had been cut into three.  Police records showed it to be Mamie Stuart  who disappeared before Christmas 1919.  Her husband was a suspect but died three years before the body was discovered.  

The  path is part of the Wales Coastal route and on a sunny day the scenery is especially stunning.

We pass by Caswell Bay, a very family friendly beach and also popular with surfers.

Looking back towards Caswell Bay  the view is slightly marred by the 1960's designed apartment block.

Lots of violet alongside the path

Along the cliffs we saw a few Rock Doves  which are just feral pigeons, who have adapted to live by the seashore. 


  1. Wonderful adventure! It must have felt great to travel again.

  2. It certainly was Annie, and as you can see from the pictures many others felt the same.

  3. YA! Finally I know it's been hard especially when the weather is good...The 3 piece discovery ohhh creepy. The coast line is so beautiful and what a great place to escape to. Enjoy.

    1. Yes it was good to get away Sondra. Although we have walked that path many times after some research we found something new about it. Have a good weekend.

  4. "The Sea! The Sea!"
    How wonderful to see the sea!
    What a great day out.
    The pics were grand and the only thing missing was the wind and scent of the sea.
    Travelling within Wales looks good to me. Gland you had the time.

    1. Yes campsites are now open although the facilities are closed....and we have had a spell of dry weather!!


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