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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

More wildflowers.

  These photos are from the same walk, but on the other side of the first path, and at the bottom of an embankment which is in shade.

Old Mans Beard

Woodland ferns growing in the walls of the railway embankment

Ivy, a wonderful bird food source in winter.

Passing the Taf, at low water its usually a good place to see birds, and 7 Mergansers, the most I've seen here. 


  1. More great stuff Dave, I especially like the wall with plants living on it...and the mergansers excellent looks! They carry babies on their backs in spring? I would love to see that. Hope your week is going good here it is storming currently. Big thunder claps!!

  2. Thunder and rain here too Sondra. I will keep an eye out for the Mergansers in Spring as seeing the ducklings on their backs would be good. Hope your camera is on its way. All the best.

  3. Railways are great for such plants.
    Super pics, and the camera is getting you out and about!
    I'm looking forward to more like this.
    Hope all is well.

  4. Thanks Mr A , all going ok, I get tired but thats expected.


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