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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doing any washing this weekend?

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Must get the clothes washed and ready for next week.


  1. I do remember my grandmother running her clothes through a wringer rather like that. She always warned me to stay away for fear I'd get my hand/arm caught.

  2. Yes, when I was young we had a washing machine with a wringer...! Actually, it worked quite well! I would help my mother hang up the clothes after wringing them out.
    Thank for a childhood memory I had tucked away and forgotten!

  3. You asked today about my hair in the shadow photo. It was a hat on my head, a hat with a brim.

  4. We take our washing machines for granted these days. I guess people who used those wringers didn't have to do any extra exercise!

  5. Oh yeah, when they talk about "the good old days" I think of some of these things! My gosh, how good we have it!

  6. Lol!! Thank goodness for washing machines.

    I remember my nan having a twin tub, and I thought that was bad enough.

    Washing days must gave been a nightmare. It is amazing what we take for granted.

  7. No wonder the laundry took a whole day of the week to do! We had a wringer washer when I grew up; I still recall how scared I was of it...it was electric, and nothing stopped those wringers. More than once a family member got hurt with a hand caught in it.


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