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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yesteryear and today.

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What a change, ahhh........if only Cardiff had kept those trams and trolley buses.
Still if you look above shop level the buildings are still the same.


  1. I appreciate so much the scenes of then and now which always set me to dreaming of what might have been, what might be in future. Soon I imagine there will be no cars, no need for tram tracks for the zippy little hovercraft speeding overhead.

  2. Gosh that is really neat seeing the comparison. The old buildings are marvelous and a testament to their quality of construction with I imagine a few renovations over the years.

  3. I agree with Annie and Janice, how wonderful to see the comparison and know a little of the history.

  4. Hi Dave, you asked about the roof material on the house I showed today on my blog. It is metal of some sort. Can you imagine the sound of the rain when it really pours down? I'm sure it would be quite loud. But when the rain is gentle, it might be a most soothing sound from above.

  5. Like Annie - I also appreciate looking at old and new pics. It is fascinating, escpecialy when people are pictured in the older ones. I always wonder how they lived or what they were doing.


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