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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Old Taffs Well

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This was from the age when coal was king, as the railway viaduct in the background was used by the Barry Docks railway to take coal from the Nantgarw collery to Barry. At the time Barry was the bigest exporter of coal in the UK. The industrial buildings below were part of the Forgemasters works and Taffs Well rung to the sound of the huge steam hammer working the steel.
All has changed, the coal mines are closed, the viaduct demolished, along with the railway line, the heavy industry has gone, and we now import coal.
But the old railway line is now a cycle track.


  1. Hello Dave,
    I love this, the mining valley... the old days (were they the good days)...
    I can't post comments from home on your blog anymore, I've contacted the blogger help centre but to no avail. I type my comment but it never appears. I have the same problem with a few other blogs...

  2. I adore pictures from the past.

    This one and your narative is so interesting.

  3. i was born in taffs well when the viaduct was still just about being used. my father worked in the. forge masters.my grandfather also had a small pig farm alongside the taff

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