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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Potteries

We had a few days staying on the edge of the Peak district and visited the Moorcroft Pottery in Stoke.

Here's factory in the 1930's

and as it is now.

It was started in 1897 by William Moorcroft  and was sold in places such as Harrods, Liberty and Tiffanys. Its still a family business.

We were lucky enough to get on a guided tour of parts of the factory and they take you through the whole process from making the molds to the final firing.

Once the pot comes out of the mould its trimmed and tidied up.
The apprenticeship for these jobs is about 5 years and they have to make all their own specialist tools.

After the first firing the pattern is etched on and then outlined
before painting.

Next its hand painted.

and finally dipped in glaze ready for the final firing.

Some pots after coming out of the kiln.

This  one shows all the stages of production.

There is a showroom and museum.  I was warned to be careful as those large pots are £10000 plus.


  1. Oh my goodness, Dave. I love pottery and could spend days in a pottery shop. I have several special pieces from a place in Solvang called Oatmeal Pottery.

  2. It was fascinating to watch and learn Wanda, and right up your street with the artwork.

  3. Great to see such businesses still in family hands, and still using manual skills learned over years and years. Real craftsmanship involved there.

    THanks for posting it all, interesting stuff!

    1. Yes Mick great skills and I love tours like this as they are so interesting.

  4. £10,000!!!
    I take it you failed to buy?
    Great craft on show, those girls have wonderful talent.

  5. An interesting post Dave..... £10000 would be a bit out of my price range...anyway I wouldn't have the space for it in the van Ha..ha...

  6. Out of many peoples price range I think Trevor .....and what would you use it for?


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