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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Another ride to look back on.

Gazing out of the window on a dismal day full of rain and wind its pleasing to look back on an enjoyable summer ride.  This route was mainly off road on forestry trails.  

This reservoir is no longer used but was built to serve the local Llanwonno community and a pub!

 These waterfalls are near Llanwonno, a hidden gem as not many are prepared to walk / cycle to get to them.

This the Daerwynno Outdoor Centre, it offers basic accommodation for 20 people and caters for team building, canoeing and orienteering.  However due to Covid its now closed for the year.

It has its own water supply nearby and a convenient lunch stop.

Onwards and upwards to another reservoir , Lluest wen,with a bit of history.

Fifty years ago a man was horse riding in this area and fell into a five foot deep hole, the rider managed to get out and ran to get help.  Firemen and forestry workers took two hours to free the horse, but the hole alerted the authorities to problems at the reservoir and fears that the dam would collapse and flood the towns in the valley below.  There was a mass evacuation of the area for two months until the dam was made safe.

Finally the track down to Hirwain and the paved roads home.


  1. Great pictures to look at on a day like this.
    Being outside, up on a hill with such a view, great!
    Makes me want to go there.

    1. Its great countryside Mr A and I dont have to travel far. I must admit being confined to Rhondda Cynon Taf wasn't a hardship, but it was made easier with the reasonable weather.

  2. Enjoyable memories, Dave. Thanks for sharing. But I would not like to be there today - wind high and rain lashing down. I think my Sunday ride with fellow ebiker is definitely off today!

    1. Good to hear that you're getting out and about Avus. Its not an area to be in bad weather. Today's forecast isn't good and I was iffy about going out but at the moment the sun is shining and its only showers so I think I will risk it. All the best.

  3. I missed this post..It has been a tough year to get out and enjoy the things we love to do,,,that's an amazing story of the man his horse. Good thing they got the dam safe. Hope the weather is better for you now.

    1. Sondra I didn't realise that there was a story about the reservoir until I did a bit of research when writing the post. It just makes it that bit more interesting to know whats happened in the area.
      Its typical Welsh November weather, rainy, but not too bad really. We've had some good dry days and managed to get out. We are still limited in that we cant get to see the grandchildren, but hopefully that will change before Christmas.


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