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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Mid Wales - Elan Valley


We did this ride to check out the route for a club ride sometime in September.  As well as having a good ride it was an opportunity to get away in the van and camp.  

The Elan Valley reservoirs were built around the 1890's by the Birmingham Water Corporation to provide clean drinking water for Birmingham.  Rivers were dammed to create these lakes.

As you can see it's a bleak but beautiful area, and we were very lucky with the weather, no rain!!  Its not a ride you want to be doing in pouring rain as there's no escape. 

These are the remains of the silver and lead mines.  Mining has been done here since Roman times  and reached a peak in the 18th. century.  Many miners died young with an average age of 32, mainly due to lead poisoning.

This arch was built in 1809  to commemorate the jubilee of King George 111.  It was built over the old toll road 1 1/2 miles from devils Bridge.

All pictures taken on Nikon Coolpix L27


  1. Hi Dave, What a fun ride and such beautiful scenery. So glad for you to get an adventure in. The arch at the end is amazing still looks strong at 200+ yrs old!! Wow they don't make 'em like that anymore. I was reading about King George III he had a hard life actually. Hope your week is going well. TC

  2. Hi Sondra, Its a great part of Wales, very remote and beautiful scenery and we were lucky with the weather. Its good for wildlife too we saw Pied Flycatchers , Cuckoo , Red Kites and someone saw a Pine Martin which are making a comeback in the area. So all in all a good trip.

  3. Excellent riding area, Dave and good weather too! I'll bet it recharged some batteries.

    Have you ever visited the Roman Gold mine at Dolaucothi? I am fascinated by industrial archaeology and that one had me rooting around for hours.

  4. Avus, it was good. I have been to the Dolaucothi area but not the goldmines. I keep meaning to visit as its NT. I will make more effort now that you have reminded me and places are beginning to open up.

  5. Oh that looks like such a wonderful ride. How many people go on the trip in September?

  6. Thanks Wanda, we usually get about 15 people.

  7. Mines in the bleak distance. I suppose they must have had accomodation nearby?
    Good place in the sun.
    England stealing Welsh water, do they ever stop?
    Glad you had a good day out.

  8. There were some remains of accommodation, it was probably similar to that in the slate mines ie bunkhouses where they would live for 6days.


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