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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Old Adverts

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Lori in her blog had a picture of an old advert and asked if anyone else had some. Well here's one which is opposite our local newsagent. The old shop has now been converted into two small appartments, but luckily the sign remains.

Apologises if you have seen this already, as I have a feeling I may have posted it ages ago in an older blog.


  1. Hi Dave, when I first looked I thought I read "body repair" and wondered if it might be an alternative place to go instead of a hospital. But no, nothing so imaginative as that, I see.

    But books do stimulate the imagination. Thank goodness they get repaired for all of us.

  2. That's a good one! It looks much older than the one I found. I like that photo!!

  3. That's a great Photo Dave.

  4. Annie, I know you love books, but its a boot repair depot.

  5. You know I really love these old fading signs that you see on end walls.
    Nobody seems to do them anymore. I suppose billboards, junkmail and plastic lettering have made them too expensive for the modern world.
    They would make a great photo group on a sharing site.

  6. Gee I guess I really do see just what I want to.

    And I saw ducks in my photo but then you came along and corrected me. Those really are Canada geese. Thanks for the editing, Dave. I need you.

  7. Hi again, Dave, I hadn't thought of the theme of Winnebago. See, you really are a wonderful editor!

    Actually, I didn't stay by the lake but I have been visiting some of the towns alongside the western side of it, Appleton, Neenah and Oshkosh. Yesterday I visited Green Bay and took some photos of Lambeau Field, home of the football team, the Green Bay Packers. Right now I am staying in Marion, WI with family and soon I'll be heading for Madison and then Milwaukee to see friends. This is just the best holiday for me, carefree days with lots of friendly get-togethers.

  8. I love these. We uncovered one on the side of a downtown building advertising for an old menswear company. It says "Suits $5". I'll have to take a picture.

  9. a great detail on the street ^^

  10. Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by my wee place but, man, you must be fit - cycling from Cork to Mallin Head then back to Cork/Limerick. I enjoy cycling but just refuse to put my body through that kind of torture )c: Though I suppose as you were taking it in stages (obviously) it wouldn't be just as strenuous. Though saying that I have been toying with the idea of a cycling holiday in France. We did take bikes there a few years ago but that was a matter of driving to our destination then cycling round the local countryside. Stopping at various hostelries for refreshment. It was a cracker holiday.


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