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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Civic centre

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This is in King Edward Vll drive. It was a rainy day so I thought B&W suited it better.


  1. Black and white gives these photos are gritty, realistic feel indeed. That statuary is pleasing to see.

    I just finished the novel, The Welsh Girl, by Peter Ho Davies which was set in northern Wales at the end of World War II. It was a very good read. Have you heard of it?

    DaveM, you've got the eagle eye. You were correct in identifying the brass hand rail on my photoblog today.

  2. Are very beautiful the photographs and of course attribute better in B&W.
    It is error that the persons in charge left to be destroyed this the marvellous cluster of statues. The deterioration is visible in figers the hands and the legs.

  3. Yes you captured it well with the black and white.

    Love the statues.

    And congrats on knowing that it wasn't a golden toilet seat!!

  4. Seems more detailed in the blk/wht Statue, very nicely done.


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